5 Unique Shoe Styles You Should Add to Your Wardrobe

If you want to look good from head to toe, you’re going to need a good pair of shoes, if not several. You want your outfits to be as unique as you are, and you’re going to need shoes to match. Besides your classic shoes for everyday occasions, you should also have some pairs of shoes to showcase your fashion and individuality. Here are five unique shoe styles you should have in your closet.


Velvet is a beautiful material that’s associated with high fashion and style. If you want something to match a velvet ensemble, The Shoe Square has the footwear for you. We have more than a dozen styles of velvet shoes that will look awesome with the right outfit. You’re sure to find something that matches your wardrobe in our selection of velvet shoes. There are a few items with basic coloring that can be added to your outfit with ease. And for something a little more eye-catching, you can get a pair with a pattern or even some with spikes.


If you have an outfit that has a metallic feel, you need shoes to match. The Shoe Square has a metallic shoe collection with multiple items in a range of colors. They are a comfortable driving moccasin, with a crackled metallic pattern with a buckle in a matching tone. We also have a slip-on, studded shoe by Amali with a silver metallic finish. These metallic shoes can help your outfit command attention when you enter a room.

Glitter & Sparkle

When you’re wearing an outfit that’s shiny, you can’t have shoes that are dull. For shoes with shimmer, check out the glitter and sparkle collection at The Shoe Square. These are mostly loafer style shoes with a glittery finish in a variety of colors. We also have a couple of pairs where the loafer has a sparkling, patterned design. The sparkle and glitter collection features shoes from designers like Amali and Frederico Leone.


High fashion isn’t just for women. Men who want a look that stresses their individuality should get a pair of shoes from the Mauri collection at The Shoe Store. The Mauri shoes are hand-made, classic, men’s dress shoes. These Italian-made shoes use exotic materials like skins from alligators, crocodiles, snakes, and ostriches. Mauri shoes are the pinnacle of style, fashion, and individuality for men’s footwear. These shoes make a handsome addition to any guy’s wardrobe.

Spike and Stud

Ladies who are looking to make a strong impression should consider adding a pair of spiked or studded shoes to their selection. The Shoe Square has several items with spikes and studs that are as beautiful as they are stunning. The spike and studded shoes are excellent for getting attention and add visual flair to part of your outfit that doesn’t get enough attention. If you haven’t considered this style of shoe before, take a look at the collection. You’ll see how these items can make an impact on your style and fashion.

Whatever kind of footwear you’re looking for, The Shoe Square has something to meet your needs. You can find shoes based on your style or even by the type of event you are attending. Take your wardrobe to the next level by adding a few items from The Shoe Square, “Where it’s hip to be square.”