Your privacy is deeply valued at The Shoe Square. We will never provide your personally identifiable information to any third party for any reason or arrangement.

Any personal information collected by our website is used to process orders that you place on our website. This information will be used by our staff as needed to fulfill your order, or to contact you for any important order-related matters.

Additionally, as you may expect, we will store information related to any accounts that you register or create on our website until you remove your account or request that we remove it for you.


If you subscribe to our email newsletter by submitting your email address and confirming a subsequent opt-in email, we will use your email address to send you information, updates and promotional offers for our store. To facilitate delivery of our promotional emails, your email address will be shared with our bulk-mailing provider, MailChimp, for the sole purpose of sending you emails from our company that you have subscribed to.


We do share anomynized website usage and visitor data with Google through our usage of their Google Analytics service. This data is stored in our Analytics account, but does not give us any indication of who the information correlates to. We are able to learn things such as how many visitors we get in a day, how many sales we make, where our visitors come from – but we cannot tell who those visitors are because personally identifiable information is not shared with or stored within the Google Analytics service.

We may also share similar information with FaceBook to take advantage of similar analytics services and advertising performance metrics provided by their platform. Facebook may collect information about your visit to our website, and we are only privy to aggregate statistics and data about visitor sessions, but not personal information to identify which sessions or behaviors belong to whom.


We take security very seriously and have taken many precautions to ensure your information and data is safe. All data submitted to and transmitted from our website is encrypted with SSL (SHA-256 with a 2048-Bit Key-Pair). You can confirm that this layer of security is active at all times during your visit by checking the navigation-bar of your browser for a small lock icon, usually to the left or right of the web address.


Our first step in securing your payment data is by not storing it on our webserver at all. We use PayPal for processing all transactions on our website because of their incredible security track-record. When you enter your credit card information on our site and submit it, it is securely shared via an encrypted connection with PayPal’s payment gateway for the purpose of authorizing and charging your account for the total value of your order.

The Shoe Square is not privy to your payment information. At all levels of our organization, staff cannot view your credit card or other payment information. PayPal keeps customer payment information private and secure by many ways, one of which is to not share such information with merchants like The Shoe Square.

PayPal will store your information in a system protected by state-of-the-art security created by the largest digital payment processor in the world. This information will be stored for a limited period of time as it pertains to transnational accounting and for processing refunds if any should be authorized.

If you have any questions about the security at our web site, please don’t hesitate to contact us.